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1,000 Students Take Stop Bullying Pledge      



Parents Play a Key Role 


  • Learn what Bullying is and what is it not

  • Is your child a target of bullying or a student who bullies?

  • What are the warning signs of bullying?

  • What can parents do to prevent bullying?

  • How to respond to bullying behavior

  • What is Cyberbullying? 

  • What is "Sexting"?

  • Learn more by requesting a Speak Out Against Bullying, Inc. Parent Group presentation

        You can make a Difference


  • Bullying & the Impact

  • What are the different types of bullying?

  • How to prevent Bullying

  • Strategies for addressing and reporting bullying

  • Cyberbullying and the Laws

  • Responsible Use of Social Media

  • Safe School Campus that is Respectful, Tolerant and inclusive

  • Learn more by requesting a Speak Out Against Bullying Assembly that are tailored according to grade (K-12)



Schools are a primary place

where bullying can happen


  • Learn to identify what Bullying is and is not

  • What is Cyberbullying and the laws 

  • Establish a safe school climate

  • Learn the Federal laws that address harassment based on race, color, national origin, sex, and disabilities

  • What is a hate crime?

  • Learn de-escalation techniques

  • Learn more by requesting a Speak Out Against Bullying, Inc. Educator and Staff training

Community Partners

Speak Out Against Bullying, Inc

P.O. Box 452124

Los Angeles, CA  90045


Telephone:  424-835-1373


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