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Cyberbullying Concerns Grow As Kids Spend More Time Online During COVID Pandemic

The pandemic has turned school into a virtual experience for millions of kids. Researchers say cyberbullying is still happening and it’s not just among teenagers. COVID-19 forced Shellen White’s son to take classes at home. She says that’s when remote learning became a lesson in cyberbullying for her son Jaylen.

“Once he started logging into Zoom for his classes, we started to receive messages,” she says.

Someone apparently hacked the sixth grader’s computer and sent messages like “I will find and kill Jaylen.”

“He can’t understand why somebody would want to bully him, and he really doesn’t understand why somebody would want to kill him,” White says. New research from the Cyberbullying Research Center finds more than 14% of tweens, nine to 12 years old, have experienced cyberbullying. Click here for more


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